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Drowning in Snow and Exams!?!


Yay, first snow of the year! Obviously, Mother Nature likes to start off with a bang. This was what my house looked like on Monday, so we all went out and made snowmen. Then we realized it was exam week. Hah. So unfortunately, no review (neither book review, nor the month in review) for this week. Time to hit the books! (Not the cool ones. The boring, textbook-shaped ones.) Good luck to all other university students taking exams! High schoolers too, although those are less stressful. Bye for now!


More time for reading?

Hi all! Just a quick update: there will be no review this week because I’ve had the flu all week.


I’ll be back next week with another awesome book, though, so stay tuned :)

Happy Turkey Day!

turkey day.jpg

Hi all!

So it’s Thanksgiving weekend (I wonder if any Americans will be confused) and I’ve gone back to my parents’ house to celebrate with family. Yay! I can mooch off their food –ahem–I mean spend more time with them this weekend.

Unfortunately, that does mean I won’t be posting a book review today, but I will for sure be doing one next week, once I’m back at my place.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank all of you for checking out and (hopefully) enjoying my blog. I’d also like to thank all authors out there for writing awesome books, all libraries (for without them, I’d be even more broke), and everyone who has ever liked or commented on my posts because it’s really encouraging :)

To everyone celebrating this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving! Give someone you love a hug right now. And to those who aren’t celebrating yet (or who don’t celebrate it), I’ll just give you my well-wishes in advance.


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