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My Slush Pile: Your book is not the Hunger Games.

Royal Mail letter box stuffed full with letters

I’m back with another Slush Pile post! For some reason, even though my inbox was supposed to be closed, people kept sending me queries, so I have some more slush from then. It is kind of odd, however. I had a large, bolded notice saying that my inbox was closed. Silly me, to assume that all writers can or will read. Hopefully, future emailers will find this and it will help them avoid some common mistakes. Want to play along? Read the email excerpts and guess what went wrong. Then read my comments and let me know how many you guessed correctly in the comments below.

Continue reading “My Slush Pile: Your book is not the Hunger Games.”


My Slush Pile: These Roads Lead to No.


I’ve been doing a lot of requested reviews lately (and more to come). Most people send me well-written, clearly-worded, polite emails telling me about their book. Sometimes I pass on books because the concept just doesn’t hook me or the blurbs don’t tell me much about the plot. Then there are other people who write things that make me want to instantly say no.(I give the benefit of the doubt and read the entire email anyway, but that’s beside the point.) Here are a couple things that made me cringe when I saw them in my inbox. Continue reading “My Slush Pile: These Roads Lead to No.”

Nothing comes from nothing, Nothing ever could

Yeah, I watch too many old movies.

Recently, I read an old comment on a certain sharky-agent’s blog that made me want to either shake my head or bare my tiny little fangs at the commenter. Continue reading “Nothing comes from nothing, Nothing ever could”

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