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Month In Review

Month in Review: Not-So Spooky October

month in review

Hi guys! I know some bloggers are really good about doing themed months and they read all horror books in October, but I’m too random for that! (Plus I didn’t have any horror novels at hand). Instead, I read a bunch of fantasies, a romance, and finally, one thriller. That counts as a scary book, right? Keep reading if you missed any of my posts this month! Continue reading “Month in Review: Not-So Spooky October”


Month in Review: Can I have a time machine too?

month in review

I’m a literally typing this at 12am today (Wednesday) because I didn’t realise this was the last week of the month until now. Where did the time go? Hopefully, you all had a great month. I did, even though it was incredibly busy. I got a ton of reading done and I’m really excited to get those reviews posted because the books were so great. Seriously guys, the books. They. Were. So. Amazing. Yay! Anyhow, here’s a quick summary of this month’s books! (Also, shhh! I totally didn’t have too many shots of espresso today!) Continue reading “Month in Review: Can I have a time machine too?”

Month in Review: August Romance

month in review

Ahhh, school’s starting soon! That means I have to part with my tuition money again. *Sobs quietly* I was happily productive this month, though. I got a new laptop before my old one exploded (seriously guys, NCIX is fast and has a great selection), finished teaching the kids at my summer English tutoring program, and got new glasses (which cost me $0 by the way. Canada, eh?). Oh, and I read a bunch of amazing romances. Continue reading “Month in Review: August Romance”

Month in Review: So many gender switches

month in review

Can you believe July is already pretty much over? It feels like my summer is flying by. This month, I moved house, went to the optometrist (because I’ve been blind as a bat since fifth grade), tutored some kids, started watching The Big Bang Theory (while pointedly ignoring the laugh track) and read a bunch of books about people who hide their gender. Here are what I’ve read, including a couple I didn’t review:

Continue reading “Month in Review: So many gender switches”

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