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Middle Grade

Author Interview: Diane Solomon & Mark Carey

Hey all! Recently I’ve had the good fortune of being given an awesome MG time travel adventure to read (check out my review of The Ravenstone here) and now the talented authors Mark & Diane are doing an interview for me. (Seriously guys, y’all should become book reviewers. The perks are so cool.) In any case, less rambling from me and more from the lovely authors themselves! Continue reading “Author Interview: Diane Solomon & Mark Carey”


Series Review: So ALL your neighbours hate you? (Ascendance Part 3)


Part 1 | Part 2

Welcome back guys! It’s the first review of the New Year and we’re starting with the end. It’s the final book in the Ascendance series!

We’ve spent 2 books waiting, and it’s finally here: war against Carthya. Except the war is even scarier than Jaron expected. Apparently, he pissed off so many people that pretty much all his neighbouring countries are coming to attack him. What did he do, insult their mothers? Geez, it’s kind of hard to piss off 3 whole countries. Continue reading “Series Review: So ALL your neighbours hate you? (Ascendance Part 3)”

Book Review: Twinception! (The Ravenstone by Mark Carey & Diane Solomon)

COVER Ingram FINAL Aug 28.jpg

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I received a free copy of this book to review. However, the following review is my honest opinion.

You know how attics are full of junk but while cleaning them out, you always find a treasure or two? Weeelll, Aidan and Nadia’s attic is a little different. Just a bit. While cleaning their attic out, the twins (Yes, they are twins whose names are mirror images. Smart, right?) discover an ancient mirror. On its own, it’s innocent enough, but when an old guy manifests in the mirror and starts writing messages out at them, they get a little freaked. But also curious.  Continue reading “Book Review: Twinception! (The Ravenstone by Mark Carey & Diane Solomon)”

Author Interview: M. Tara Crowl


Hi all! Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing M. Tara Crowl, the lovely face you see up there. She’s the author of the Eden of the Lamp middle-grade series, which currently includes Eden’s Wish and Eden’s Escape. Seriously, though, her books sound super cute and creative! I, for one, always want to know what inspires writers to do what they do (they create amazing stories and worlds out of nothing, guys. It’s so magical.) so I’m always happy to do author interviews. Here’s how this one went: Continue reading “Author Interview: M. Tara Crowl”

Series Review: Spiders aren’t scary enough yet? (Immortals Part 1)


Let’s dive right back into Tortall with another series from this universe!

Daine has nothing left after raiders killed her family so she leaves her tiny village in search of hope–and a job. She hires on with Onua and they travel to Tortall, which is now known as the land of opportunity. Daine hopes that if Tortall can accept a lady knight, they may be able to accept a lady holster, too. However, despite their open-mindedness, Daine knows she has a secret she can’t share. ‘Cos, you know, if you talk to animals, you’re sentimental. If they talk back…

Continue reading “Series Review: Spiders aren’t scary enough yet? (Immortals Part 1)”

Series Review: What do you mean kings can’t also be pirates? (Ascendance Part 2)

runaway king.jpg

Part 1 | Part 3

Jaron is now king, but he doesn’t have to act like it. Between avoiding his family’s funeral, avoiding his own fiance, and ticking off the king of Avenia, he’s not doing so hot in the kingliness department. That’s why, when said ticked-off king threatens war, Jaron’s nobles decide that a regent should rule instead. The problem is, Jaron doesn’t know who he can trust. After all, these were the dumbasses who kind of just sat around while his family was assassinated. Continue reading “Series Review: What do you mean kings can’t also be pirates? (Ascendance Part 2)”

Series Review: The Prince and the Pauper…oh, wait. (Ascendance Part 1)

false prince

Sage is living (almost) happily in an orphanage when a nobleman named Conner  scoops him up. Conner has scoured the country’s orphanages and managed to find four orphans for a diabolical plot. Yeah, the evil plan is exactly what you think: to create a false prince. At least the title is relevant.

Continue reading “Series Review: The Prince and the Pauper…oh, wait. (Ascendance Part 1)”

Series Review: Nooo, I’M the weakest king. (Song of the Lioness Part 2)


Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

Alanna is now Prince Jonathan’s squire, and he knows her secret. What he doesn’t know is that his obviously evil cousin, Roger, is plotting diabolical things. Alanna begins to uncover Roger’s evil plots but he has an eye on her and is determined to get her out of the way. By any means necessary.

Continue reading “Series Review: Nooo, I’M the weakest king. (Song of the Lioness Part 2)”

Series Review: Aren’t nobles supposed to have it easy? (Song of the Lioness Part 1)

alanna the first adventure

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Alanna and her twin brother Thom are about to be sent off to lady- and knight-school, respectively. It’s too bad her brother’s a wimp and she’s a fighter. Alanna doesn’t want to learn to be a noblewoman who flirts, sits primly and accepts favours from men, so she comes up with the idea to switch places. Continue reading “Series Review: Aren’t nobles supposed to have it easy? (Song of the Lioness Part 1)”

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