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Happy Holidays!

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No book review this week, but I just want to take some time to thank all my readers. Thank you for stumbling upon my blog, and huge thanks to those who read my blog every week and leave a like. It always makes me happy to see familiar faces (or avatars) around, so I wanted to thank you for sticking with me all these months. Happy holidays to all!


Drowning in Snow and Exams!?!


Yay, first snow of the year! Obviously, Mother Nature likes to start off with a bang. This was what my house looked like on Monday, so we all went out and made snowmen. Then we realized it was exam week. Hah. So unfortunately, no review (neither book review, nor the month in review) for this week. Time to hit the books! (Not the cool ones. The boring, textbook-shaped ones.) Good luck to all other university students taking exams! High schoolers too, although those are less stressful. Bye for now!

More time for reading?

Hi all! Just a quick update: there will be no review this week because I’ve had the flu all week.


I’ll be back next week with another awesome book, though, so stay tuned :)

My Slush Pile: Your book is not the Hunger Games.

Royal Mail letter box stuffed full with letters

I’m back with another Slush Pile post! For some reason, even though my inbox was supposed to be closed, people kept sending me queries, so I have some more slush from then. It is kind of odd, however. I had a large, bolded notice saying that my inbox was closed. Silly me, to assume that all writers can or will read. Hopefully, future emailers will find this and it will help them avoid some common mistakes. Want to play along? Read the email excerpts and guess what went wrong. Then read my comments and let me know how many you guessed correctly in the comments below.

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Month in Review: Not-So Spooky October

month in review

Hi guys! I know some bloggers are really good about doing themed months and they read all horror books in October, but I’m too random for that! (Plus I didn’t have any horror novels at hand). Instead, I read a bunch of fantasies, a romance, and finally, one thriller. That counts as a scary book, right? Keep reading if you missed any of my posts this month! Continue reading “Month in Review: Not-So Spooky October”

Happy Turkey Day!

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Hi all!

So it’s Thanksgiving weekend (I wonder if any Americans will be confused) and I’ve gone back to my parents’ house to celebrate with family. Yay! I can mooch off their food –ahem–I mean spend more time with them this weekend.

Unfortunately, that does mean I won’t be posting a book review today, but I will for sure be doing one next week, once I’m back at my place.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank all of you for checking out and (hopefully) enjoying my blog. I’d also like to thank all authors out there for writing awesome books, all libraries (for without them, I’d be even more broke), and everyone who has ever liked or commented on my posts because it’s really encouraging :)

To everyone celebrating this weekend, Happy Thanksgiving! Give someone you love a hug right now. And to those who aren’t celebrating yet (or who don’t celebrate it), I’ll just give you my well-wishes in advance.


Month in Review: Can I have a time machine too?

month in review

I’m a literally typing this at 12am today (Wednesday) because I didn’t realise this was the last week of the month until now. Where did the time go? Hopefully, you all had a great month. I did, even though it was incredibly busy. I got a ton of reading done and I’m really excited to get those reviews posted because the books were so great. Seriously guys, the books. They. Were. So. Amazing. Yay! Anyhow, here’s a quick summary of this month’s books! (Also, shhh! I totally didn’t have too many shots of espresso today!) Continue reading “Month in Review: Can I have a time machine too?”

So…Welcome Back?

Yesterday was the first day of school and it was full of discovery. For example, I discovered that 2 of my courses don’t require textbooks (Yes! $200 saved!). I also discovered that this year, my school is having an Undie Run. I suppose it’s because last year’s Undie Cycle was inadequate; they whizzed by so fast, there was no time to appreciate the nearly naked people.

In other news, there will be fewer random Wednesday posts because of school. I will, however, continue to post book reviews every Saturday, so I hope everyone will continue to read and enjoy those.

Good luck with the new school year, all!

Month in Review: August Romance

month in review

Ahhh, school’s starting soon! That means I have to part with my tuition money again. *Sobs quietly* I was happily productive this month, though. I got a new laptop before my old one exploded (seriously guys, NCIX is fast and has a great selection), finished teaching the kids at my summer English tutoring program, and got new glasses (which cost me $0 by the way. Canada, eh?). Oh, and I read a bunch of amazing romances. Continue reading “Month in Review: August Romance”

July Email Stats

got mail

Now that I’ve temporarily stopped taking requests for reviews, I figured I’d tally up all the request emails I got for July (and the first week of August). I was emailed queries for 51 books (if you ignore the massive email with like 20 books, half of them in genres I don’t review). Mystery was a really popular genre. So were books with 4+ genres.

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Culture Shock in my Hometown


Semi-recently, my grandma came to vacation in Canada for a while. After her vacation was over, we needed to escort her back to China (because she has knee problems and doesn’t walk too well). My parents came up with the brilliant idea of sending me and my brother. See, both of us have lived most of our lives in Canada. My brother barely even understands Chinese, and I really only speak my town’s dialect. While we bumbled through our trip, we noticed some things that are distinctly different from Canada. Continue reading “Culture Shock in my Hometown”

My Slush Pile: These Roads Lead to No.


I’ve been doing a lot of requested reviews lately (and more to come). Most people send me well-written, clearly-worded, polite emails telling me about their book. Sometimes I pass on books because the concept just doesn’t hook me or the blurbs don’t tell me much about the plot. Then there are other people who write things that make me want to instantly say no.(I give the benefit of the doubt and read the entire email anyway, but that’s beside the point.) Here are a couple things that made me cringe when I saw them in my inbox. Continue reading “My Slush Pile: These Roads Lead to No.”

Ten Bookish Things About Me


Since everyone’s been doing these, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. Now, to think of ten things… Continue reading “Ten Bookish Things About Me”

Month in Review: So many gender switches

month in review

Can you believe July is already pretty much over? It feels like my summer is flying by. This month, I moved house, went to the optometrist (because I’ve been blind as a bat since fifth grade), tutored some kids, started watching The Big Bang Theory (while pointedly ignoring the laugh track) and read a bunch of books about people who hide their gender. Here are what I’ve read, including a couple I didn’t review:

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Too Well-Educated


If you repeat a word too many times, it begins to lose its meaning. Try it. Say racism two hundred times. At the end of it, do you know what you’ve been saying? This is happening in schools. Kids who grew up with these words floating around have heard them so many times, they’ve become a running joke. Continue reading “Too Well-Educated”

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