month in review

I’m a literally typing this at 12am today (Wednesday) because I didn’t realise this was the last week of the month until now. Where did the time go? Hopefully, you all had a great month. I did, even though it was incredibly busy. I got a ton of reading done and I’m really excited to get those reviews posted because the books were so great. Seriously guys, the books. They. Were. So. Amazing. Yay! Anyhow, here’s a quick summary of this month’s books! (Also, shhh! I totally didn’t have too many shots of espresso today!)

The Mine by John A. Heldt

The Mine

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First up for the month is a time-traveling college boy who manages to jump through time, meet a cute girl and not mess up the past. After exploring an old mine on a whim, Joel is whisked back to 1941 and must figure out how to survive without cell phones or credit cards. This novel is refreshing because it’s not about preventing some catastrophic event and saving the future; it’s simply about life.

Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter


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This third (and currently final) book of the Heist Society series brings a more intricate, moderately-paced con than the previous books. Hale’s grandmother passes away and he’s left with the entire Hale Industries fortune. But something’s suspicious about the will; the person who benefits the most is actually the family lawyer. The same lawyer Hale’s grandmother had fired.

Into the Darker Half by Adalind Hargrave


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Anna is a hag with a temper. She’s not afraid to show the boys around town who’s boss. She works for her sorcerer half-brother because he promised to help rescue her mother’s soul from whatever purgatory it’s trapped in. This urban fairy tale is full of spunk and voice. Unfortunately, it is riddled with so many grammar and spelling mistakes that it is quite difficult to read.

The Woman Who Rides Like a Man by Tamora Pierce


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Alanna has finished knight training and heads to the desert to avoid people who continue to claim that women can never be as good as men. Once she’s there, she must prove to a tribe of desert dwellers that women can be just as good, or better than men. Is it me, or have I read this story twice now? Kidding aside, this novel presents a new, colourful world full of magic, lore, and evil swords (because the bad guy from book 2 is so bad, he can be evil even in death).

What did you guys read this month? If you read any of the books I’ve reviewed, did you have the same impression as I did? Let me know in the comments below!