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Our favourite thieves are in the middle of a heist, everything going smoothly, when Hale gets an important phone call and literally leaves Kat hanging (out a window, if you must ask). His grandmother Hazel, the only person in his family who gives a damn about him, passed away. His family doesn’t care about her death. Instead, they wait with bated breath as their lawyer announces that the gazillion dollar family business is to be handed down to one of the W. W. Hales. The youngest one.

There is, however, something fishy about the will. Hale doesn’t actually get anything until he turns 18. Full control of the company is given to the family lawyer while the people closest to Hazel are left with nothing.

Kat is hired to investigate, but she can’t bring herself to tell Hale. Finding the real will could mean finding the company’s real owner. And since the current will proves to Hale that at least one person in his family loved him, that may upset him. Just a bit.

The Quills: 9/10

Hale was always well groomed and well dressed, but that day his hair was parted just so. His cuff links bore the family crest. He didn’t look like the Hale who helped himself to heaping bowls of soup in Uncle Eddie’s kitchen. He looked like the Hale who belonged to that room, that house. […]

For the first time, Kat truly understood why gates and guards had to stand between his world and hers.

– Ally Carter, Perfect Scoundrels

The writing is enchanting as always, the characters have grown in depth by leagues, and the plot is twistier and full of the smartest thievery yet.

The pacing of this book is a little slower than the previous two. Instead of jumping right to the action, it allows some space for characterisation. And boy, does it help.

Because the story gets personal, the characters finally get the backstory they need. There is actually something behind the masks of billionaire, thief, and genius kids. And it makes them real. The characterisation transforms this story from a cool, fun adventure to a world with real people and real stakes. And this time, the stakes aren’t only the obvious, “What if we can’t steal this thing?” There is the added consequence of succeeding, which provides a whole new level of depth and emotion to the story.

Even the bad guys have some personality now. I mean, they’re still pretty evil but it’s an improvement. At least the plot is less straightforward.

With this instalment, Kat is thrust into Hale’s world and it is utterly alien (and nasty). The contrast between the two families builds on Kat’s world and shines an even brighter spotlight on how awesome her family is.

The Roses: 9/10

I absolutely loved this. I’m a big fan of action, but I also like it to be balanced out. This book did wonderfully with balancing out, and getting to understand the whys behind the characters made it so much more memorable and touching. I do wish the backstory had come into play earlier in the series but late is better than never.

The plot was really fun and kept me guessing with its twists and turns. The con did start sort of “meh” feeling, but by the end, I was nodding along in approval. There were still a few cheesy Kat and Hale moments but they weren’t over-the-top.

Oh, and Hale Industries has that genius inventor that every good superhero needs. How can you not love that? I wonder if Hale will decide to become Batman in the future. I mean, sure, Batman doesn’t kill (except with car chases) but no one said he couldn’t be a thief.

I’ve heard rumours of a future book 4, and if they’re true, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Conclusion: Perfect Scoundrels is the perfect ending to an exciting, action-packed series. Even so, I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting for more. No, seriously. I’ll be perched here, if anyone needs me.