got mail

Now that I’ve temporarily stopped taking requests for reviews, I figured I’d tally up all the request emails I got for July (and the first week of August). I was emailed queries for 51 books (if you ignore the massive email with like 20 books, half of them in genres I don’t review). Mystery was a really popular genre. So were books with 4+ genres.

First the genres. I reduced each book to one main genre based on the summary given to me/genre the author chose. I did lump mystery, suspense and thriller together because several of the authors chose to label their novel with all 3 and I was too lazy to separate them. (They are similar but different, so do more research if you think your novel is both a mystery and a thriller.) Historical romance does get its own category, if only because I have a soft spot for them :)

Science fiction: 4

Historical Romance: 6

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller: 12

Literary Fiction: 5

Romance: 4

Fantasy: 8

Comedy: 3

Short Stories: 2

Paranormal: 3

Not sure; email was too confusing and didn’t provide genre: 1

Dystopia: 1

Historical: 1

Now for some specific topics that were popular among the 51 emails:

College guys find cool new drug: 3

One of these even asked me what I thought would happen next. I thought to myself, “Uh…they get high?” and sent a sorry-not-for-me email. Remember don’t ask me questions?

Person finds an artefact everyone wants: 3

Thus a grand chase ensues in which good guys prevent bad guys from getting said artefact. If I were one of the good guys, I’d probably just cut global funding to archaeologists. No magical artefacts found, no chase, no problems. Or does that make me one of the bad guys?

Email is a boiling pot of names, making plot hard to understand: 5

4+ names are too many, people. My small chipmunk brain can’t take it. 2 or 3 are plenty.

Tragic event occurs, character goes soul-searching or resorts to dangerous activities: 5

I mean, if I watched someone close to me get shot, I think I’d be too scared to join a gang or contact drug dealers. Is it just me?

Zombie apocalypse: 2

One of them told me in so many words that it was a zombie apocalypse. No fancy twists or anything–the zombie apocalypse just happens. C’mon folks, I know you can do better than this.

Email is a list of seemingly unrelated events that have no sense of direction: 5

Haven’t you ever heard something like “–ate her heart and it bled on my shirt,” and thought that context would be really nice?

Valentines chocolate hearts, by the way. Gee, what were you thinking?

Vigilante tries to save the world but discovers it sucks and gives up: 2

I really wish the emails for these ones made sense. I’m all for the world sucking and giving up. I’m also very into antiheroes.

Email doesn’t tell me a word about the plot: 5

I’m sure your farm and your kids and your university degrees are important and all, but I kind of don’t care.

Angels are discovered by humans while trying to save the world: 3

Curses! Why can’t humans just let them save the world in peace? Why do we always mess everything up?

Obviously, I didn’t accept all the requests. Sadly, I am a mortal being who has to sleep and do real-life things. I have been enjoying the novels I accepted so far and I’m hoping the rest will be just as good or better. My inbox reopens in November so if you’ve got a book you’d like me to review, make sure you email me then!