month in review

Can you believe July is already pretty much over? It feels like my summer is flying by. This month, I moved house, went to the optometrist (because I’ve been blind as a bat since fifth grade), tutored some kids, started watching The Big Bang Theory (while pointedly ignoring the laugh track) and read a bunch of books about people who hide their gender. Here are what I’ve read, including a couple I didn’t review:

Goliath by Scott Westerfeld


This month started off with the final book in the Leviathan series review. As usual, this was a fun, light-hearted read. About war. Heh. That’s the first of our gender-switching girls. It was a great ending to the series and was lots of fun. See the review here.

Alanna The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

alanna the first adventure

Here’s another book with a gender switch: the girl who becomes a boy knight-in-training.The medieval world is really interesting, but it’s written as if targeting a very young audience. This was an okay middle-grade read, but it’s an old book that doesn’t seem to have aged well. Read the review here.

 Like a Candle to the Sun by Diedra Eby

like a candle to the sun

This was an author-requested review but I had to be brutally honest about all the editing mistakes. It’s an old western romance that’s not ready to be shown to the world. See the review here. by Dane Cobain

Former.ly_Cover_for_Kindle is a read for patient people. The tech company monetizing death doesn’t move very quickly. Although slow, it has a great concept and interesting characters. You can check out the review here.


Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter


Now we’re into books I haven’t reviewed. Yet. Like the previous book in this series, this was a fast-paced, plot-driven robbery with all the goodness of billionaires, butlers, and teenagers thrown in. This time, Kat doesn’t just manage to steal valuables; she also manages to steal a curse. The review will be up this Saturday, so keep your eye out for that if you follow this series.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss


As Patrick acknowledges at the end of the novella, this is a very odd book. This odd book is about an odd lady (or girl; I’m not sure what you’d classify Auri as) and her odd couple of days. Without dialogue. It’s slow (obviously) and quiet (yeah…), but for some reason I really liked it. However, I’m not going to review it because it really only makes sense if you’re read the Kingkiller Chronicles.

1/2 Prince by Yu Wo


The last of our gender-switching gals of the month comes from this Taiwanese series. Feng Lan’s brother keeps ribbing her for being a female gamer and accepting gifts from guys (girls, I’m sure you know how it feels). When the next hottest virtual reality game comes out, she decides to register as a guy to prove she’s a capable player. I’m on volume 1 of the series right now and it’s a really fun read. If you want to check it out for free, the author has given this group permission to make a fan translation (at least until it’s licensed in English). I have to warn you, Chinese doesn’t always translate well to English, so it’s not the most elegant writing.

So that was my month. What did you read lately? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.