And not only because they fell on my foot.


the way of shadows.jpg

I dropped Brent Weeks’ Night Angel series halfway through book 2. It wasn’t that it was bad. No, it was actually fabulous. But it was fabulously dark. The world was so scary, I wanted to run away screaming. And Brent is a master at torturing his characters. I want to read this series, but I’ll have to do it some place warm and sunny, to chase away the cold seeping into my bones.



I never got to reading book 3 of the Mistborn trilogy simply because my library’s copy of it has mysterious substances spilled on it. Ew. The world is interesting, foreign, and exciting. And of course, Brandon Sanderson is awesome. I really want to pick up book 3 somewhere, but it’s been so long that I’ll probably have to reread the first two books.



I read Illusive and never got around to reading the sequel. It felt somewhat aimless at first, but by the end I quite liked this book. I’m just not quite actively looking for it. It’s something I want to continue reading, but I could put off.



Gasp! I know, right? I never finished reading the Inheritance Cycle series. I really enjoyed Eragon, and I liked Eldest, but once I got to Brisingr I had to stop. I put Brisingr down only fifty or so pages in. I would like to finish the series however, because I hear the fourth book wraps up the series quite neatly, and honestly, dragons are awesome.



Good ol’ Artemis Fowl. I absolutely love the concept of tiny, evil kid geniuses. When he became less evil and more vanilla, I ended up losing interest. I would like to finish this series because it’s just so dang interesting. And who knows, maybe in later books, he regains his evilness. Here’s hoping!

As you can see, I really like books in series. I read a lot of them. Do you have any series you’d like to recommend me, or finish reading yourself?