It’s a little long. Just a little. What? I never said this list was just for this summer.

  1. Death Note novels. Yes, they exist. And they’re about L, kind of. -Drools-
  2. Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan. Because who doesn’t like a feel-good middle-grade series? Oh, and it has some badass archers.
  3. Tamora Pierce’s massive series of multiple series in the same world. Because the world was so much cooler when chivalry was real and people dumped poop out their windows. Shh, don’t judge me!
  4. Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch. There’s something enchanting about a band of orphan thieves (or is that just me?). I got about fifty pages into it last time before something distracted me, so I really want another go at it.
  5. The Hunger Games (again). Because every summer needs a little fire.
  6. Patrick Rothfus’s Kingkiller Chronicles if I can wrestle the books away from my brother. Afterward, I’ll hide in a corner as a nervous wreck, waiting for the third.

So in total, that makes what, like 50 books? That’s doable. Uh…sort of.